• MY FITNESS LEVEL … I’m slightly fit and am comfortable with hills that are less than 200 m in length. I want to ride on my vacation, but not every day.
  • I’M LOOKING FORWARD FOR … Mostly flat sections and some short slight inclines. I also don’t mind hopping in the support van when I’ve ridden enough.
  • I’D LIKE TO RIDE … Around 11/2 hours each day. I can ride about 15 km, and up to 30 km on a long day.
  • MY CLIMBING ABILITIES … Shorter climbs and small hills. Less is ok with me. About 150 m of climbing.
  • MTB TRIPS … I am comfortable on 1-2 hour rides at an easy pace, of 6 -12 km in length with manageable short climbs throughout. I exercise about one day a week. I have some experience riding a mountain bike and can easily control speed and direction on pavement, double-track roads.